As the stucco & stone trends emerge more and more, these two textures are suitable together for many projects.
It creates a higher level of visual impact whether it’s a stone skirt or complete accent walls to better define the look of a home.

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Our stucco mouldings are manufactured by Decora Wall Inc. that uses a process that provides a strong, resilient and cost effective decorative moulding, perfectly suited for window trims, doors, sills and other exterior decorative elements.

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Renovating or retrofitting with stucco/EIFS is a good choice for older homes. First and foremost, you’ll be adding curb appeal to your home by giving it an exterior facelift.
Second, you’ll be bringing your home up-to-speed in terms of energy efficiency. And third, stucco/EIFS requires very little yearly maintenance.

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Our stucco mouldings:

  • Can be used on stucco, stone or brick exteriors
  • Come in a variety of styles, from traditional to contemporary
  • Are available in standard designs and sizes, or can be built to your custom design
  • Are easy to install
  • Are maintenance free

Choose from our catalogue of stucco trims, sills, bands, cornices, quoins, pilasters, keystones and columns, or contact us for any custom work.

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