The term “stucco” is an ambiguous term, but is most commonly used to refer to EIFS in the Toronto and surrounding areas. EIFS is the beautiful material you see on homes that has a fine texture, is typically customized with mouldings, and has an unlimited range of colours. Under the surface, it has a layer of modified cement with an embedded fibreglass mesh that makes it simultaneously strong and flexible (to prevent cracking), a layer of energy preserving insulation, and a weather barrier that prevents mould in your walls by keeping moisture from entering them.
EIFS STUCCO provides strong, High R ( for energy conservation), no-load bearing and non-porous surface to your home’s exterior that is relatively maintenance free and good choice for new and old buildings.


EIFS stands for Exterior Insulation Finish System. The cladding is also referred to as “Synthetic Stucco”, “Acrylic Stucco” or just “Stucco” (the latter being ambiguous with plaster stucco). Although initially developed around the 1940s to retrofit war-torn WW2 buildings, it is among the newest and most attractive styles of cladding available to homeowners today. EIFS differs from traditional Stucco (cement) in that it is applied using different materials in multiple layers, providing greater flexibility and benefits.

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Renovating your home with Exterior Insulation Finish Systems (EIFS, more commonly known as “stucco“) is quickly becoming the number one choice for home owners in the Toronto area who are looking to:

  • update the look of their home
  • make their homes more comfortable by eliminating cold walls and drafts
  • save money on heating and cooling bills
  • take advantage of Government grants and rebates
  • make their home more attractive to future buyers.
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Through a combination of increased resale value, Government rebates and grants and reduced heating/cooling bills, a stucco renovation is able to achieve a return-on-investment of 150% or more.
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